I’ll show you how to simplify your marketing, increase enquiry and convert more sales

Right now as the business owner & decision maker:-

– Are you experiencing stagnated or rapid growth?

– Do you need to increase marketshare & enquiry?

– You have a large client base yet poor sales results?

– Are you concerned over the ineffectiveness & costs related to your promotional activity?

– Has your company performance slowed but you can’t pinpoint what the issues are?

It is often more about having the right strategies, people & processes, rather than blaming poor market conditions.

Let’s face it, sales and marketing are the two largest costs to any business yet for many, the two most underperforming areas as well.

Are you starting a new business?

Give your business the head start it deserves and fast track your success with these simple strategies.  Find out how I can help.

Do you know why your business isn’t growing?

A fresh set of eyes may be exactly what your business needs.

When businesses start or after many years of operation, inexperience, micro-managing, complacency or oversight can allow issues to arise and go relatively unnoticed. These issue will impact the business resulting in slow growth, lack of performance, loss of marketshare & sales, poor culture and ultimately higher costs & low profitability.

Your own business & marketing mentor

Fast track your business success.

Having an experienced professional working along side you to offer advice and guidance is the fast track to a successful business.

I’ll show you how to …

ATTRACT more Customers

Learn how to attract more customers and in return, more enquiry.

Learn the secrets to …

INCREASE your Sales

Proven techniques that will help you convert enquiry into sales

I’ll work with you to create …

Ideas with IMPACT

I’ll teach you how to create ideas that stand out, are memorable and that build enquiry

Imagine having ..


Stephen Rinaldo has been the Creative Director on some of Australia’s most iconic brands.  His expertise in overseeing the design, direction, photography led to the memorable and successful campaigns many of us would remember.   Now you have the opportunity to have this support and guidance at your fingertips.

STOP!  Before you build a website

I’ll work with you and your website builder to ensure it represents the look, feel and message of your brand.

What’s your Brand?

Create a Brand that stands out, that is memorable and uniquely different from your competitors.

Promotional Ideas

Creative Ideas to promote your business that have impact and get results. I’ll show you how.


“Stephen’s ability to analyse a business and implement effective solutions was a breath of fresh air. As a business, we were enjoying the majority of the market share of an expensive, quality product when suddenly, the importation of a cheaper, inferior quality product blindsided us. We started losing marketshare. We started marketing on price alone & were facing having to go staff when Stephen appeared.

After a detailed analysis, Stephen discovered where we could improve production lowering our costs & retain staff. Stephen worked with the entire team from sales, production to marketing and devised a strategy that would differentiate ourselves against the competition.

We’ve regained our marketshare, improved our profits and enjoying the status of being a successful manufacturer in our niche market we created. Stephen, ultimately worked onstaff initially, but then designed a programme that allowed us to implement his initiatives with monthly check ups but he was always available to discuss issues when they arose.”

“the cheaper, imported products almost destroyed us”Manufacturer

“As an established business with over 15 years experience that had enjoyed phenomenal growth, we had become distanced from the day to day basics. The management team had started to notice our sales had started to plateau and we assumed it was the growing competitive marketplace.  Stephen quickly assessed a number of factors that were effecting the business. These ranged from poor performing staff, lack of processes and our ability to truly measure our sales performance. Working with the marketing team he was also able to implement new strategies which proved to be cost saving yet improved our enquiries and ultimately our sales. His experience is defined by his professionalism and attitude to assist. At no time, were we made to feel that we had failed to recognise these issues but his personable approach in assisting all the teams, created an exciting and enthusiastic atmosphere we hadn’t seen for many years.”

“a fresh set of eyes”Corporate

“Simplifying what we were doing, whilst increasing enquiry by 30% within 6 months, showing us better techniques in how to convert enquiry, smarter marketing ideas, reduced costs.  Investing in Stephen’s time was money well spent.”

"30% increase in enquiry! - What more do we need to say"Law Firm

“Stephen was able to simplify our marketing strategy, identifying exactly who our customer is and outline the process in a concise, step by step format that ensured we never went off direction. His business experience  gave us the confidence to embark on our venture knowing, his advice and guidance was on-point”.

Simplicity & consistencyStart Up

“We started our business and after hearing Stephen speak at a Retail Conference we decided we needed his expertise. He was able to define a clear business strategy for us which would see us become market leader within 5 years. Looking at the entire business model from our pricing structure, processes, our marketing and and how we distributed our product, he opened up new opportunities for us. We ended up selling the business, after we were made an offer we simply couldn’t refuse. Stephen is now working with us on our next venture and the future could not be more exciting. It’s like having our very own marketing & business expert on staff. We can meet when we need to and most importantly, we have a weekly Skype meeting to discuss what we have done and need to do. This means it keeps our costs down but we still have the guidance when we need it.”

“we thought we understood our business”Start Up

“Having Stephen come in and work with the team was a breath of fresh air. HE truly understands what it takes to stand out and when it comes to real estate, it was important we created a brand that did just that. Stephen’s ability to ‘teach us’ to identify our own pro’s and cons and how we can use that information  to create our own marketing strategies, means we became the problem solvers. It means we can use those techniques to continually re-assess what we’re doing and making sure, we’re always improving how we communicate and look service our clients”.

"I needed to stand out"Real Estate

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