It’s NOT about the car

It’s never been about the car … buying cars falls into two needs. 1. Practical needs and the other, pure emotion and I unashamedly fall into the latter,

I’m a self confessed car fanatic.

I simply love driving and driving beautifully designed cars is my addiction. In saying that, every time I purchase a new car it’s the same old groundhog day. The flash salesperson, eager to do a deal fails to listen nor understand WHY I’m there and so embarks on a journey set to fail from the outset.

See I also fall into that very small category of buyers who doesn’t really shop around for a better deal. I’ve been involved in the automotive industry for 20 years. I know the tricks, costs, ploys and sales pitches that a salesperson has been taught to ‘do the deal”- For me, if the experience is right, the deal is done.

So why, aren’t auto dealers learning to understand their clients first. Luxury car dealers attempt and do it better in most cases, they understand why their customers want to buy their cars and it’s rarely price.

I recently purchased a luxury car but it was the fourth choice on my list of cars, I had a budget, I had preferences as indicated by my priority list and to be honest, good looks & design were more important than the heated seats option.

We returned to the dealership I had purchased my current car and to be honest, the experience back then was beyond my wildest dreams. Far surpassing any other buying experience I had ever had the pleasure of witnessing. But that’s where it ended. Once I drove out, I never ever heard from them again until investigating three years later, when the young sharp salesperson lost me with his opening line “Are you ready to do a deal today?”

Secondly, suggesting the new car I looking at, if I could afford it as I was wearing jeans, t-shirt and a baseball cap…probably not looking that professional on a Saturday considering he was wearing a polyester suit & fake watch.

Then failing again when it took 6 weeks to get back to me with details …I’m serious, 6 weeks later and even the Sales Manager didn’t think that was abnormal.

Option #1 delete – would probably never drive nor recommend that brand again.

Option # 2 – another luxury brand, After coffee and discussing what we were looking for, a test drive of the car, all the features possibly found on the NASA Shuttle available and again…never heard from them again.

Option #3 – A luxury brand who’s marketing prides themselves on the driving and buying experience, sent me three options all $20,000 more than the budget we discussed.

So that brings me to my purchase, option #4 on my list …

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