It might not be what you’re saying but…

It may simply be WHO you’re talking to.

It’s crucial you know WHO your target market audience is.

Don’t waste time talking to everyone. Identify who is your customer and speak to them directly. Communicate to them in a language they understand. One of the most common mistakes I see is businesses talking to their customers in technical language. Sure you understand what you mean but do your customers? Generally, I would have to say NO.

Think about it. You have a product or service. Someone out there will need/want that product or service, So how do you find WHO that customer is?

Here are some simple steps:-

  1. Think about what your product or service offers and who will need it.
  2. What are the benefits of that product or service?
  3. Now think of what might motivate someone to buy that product or service?
  4. What would be the triggers or touch points in your communication that the customer


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