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If you have a product, service and/or yourself, EVERY business needs to market & sell … knowing your customer and what motivates them is crucial.

Are you in the Automotive, Retail, Real Estate, Legal, Finance, Manufacturing & Professional Services, Lifestyle and Hospitality sectors? You will benefit from these workshops, Individual or group availabilities.

  • How to Market Smart workshop

  • Learn how to profile your customer workshop

  • Marketing made easy workshop

  • Demystifying the sales process workshop

  • How to sell and market to your customer workshop

  • Learn big brand marketing secrets workshop

Do you know why your business isn’t growing?

A fresh set of eyes may be exactly what your business needs.

When businesses start or after many years of operation, inexperience, micro-managing, complacency or oversight can allow issues to arise and go relatively unnoticed. These issue will impact the business resulting in slow growth, lack of performance, loss of marketshare & sales, poor culture and ultimately higher costs & low profitability.

Identifying these issues and implementing the right changes will often create opportunities the business may have been failing to recognise.

The question is, do YOU know what the real issues are?

Marketing is the "WHY" & Advertising is the "HOW"

Marketing is NOT a website and social media pages. That’s Advertising!

Marketing is WHY you take your product/service to market and creates the NEED in the customer to buy. Identifying WHO is your customer and WHAT are their needs. Building a Brand and awareness, communicating to your customer via your Advertising in the marketplace is HOW you communicate your message with a view to be a market leader.

Successful marketers have & “big picture” thinking. They know their business intimately, its strengths and weaknesses. They have efficient processes and the right people. They know the benefits of their products and services and have very clear business & marketing objectives. They know WHO their customers are & WHAT they want. What the competition is doing and are very aware of the current & future market trends. Their communication is effective and relevant. Most importantly, they can measure and assess the performance of the business, allowing them to redesign their marketing based on factual findings and therefore implement the right marketing strategies.
These are the basics of any successful business. Every businesses owner can now have this level of knowledge. I’ll show you how.

Imagine having ..


Stephen Rinaldo, his ability to clearly identify what the issues are and immediately recommend the right strategies to turn them into opportunities is what sets Stephen apart from other business consultants.

As a fresh set of eyes, he is able to dissect each business and report what obstacles the business is/will face and how to successfully overcome the impact.



STOP! before you build a website

I’ll work with you and your website builder to ensure it represents the look, feel and message of your brand.

What’s your Brand?

Create a Brand that stands out, the is memorable and uniquely different from your competitors.

Promotional Ideas

Creative Ideas to promote your business that have impact and get results. I’ll show you how.

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