Why we changed & didn’t buy locally.

We had been a loyal car brand customer for many years, simply updating the car, when the warranty ended. Buying locally and supporting local business, but all that changed when it came time to update the car.

Basically, we walked away from our trusted loyal brand, shopped around and ended up buying our fourth choice on our list.

What was even more remarkable, we didn’t purchase locally and bought the car 1.5 hours away and would do it again.

So what went wrong, that after all these years we decided to look around and change to a brand that we had never experienced before. Simple. Their experience was the best we had ever experienced.

There are two major issues I consult on that I repeatedly see in established businesses, Complacency and oversight.

You may have been expecting me to say, poor experience and customer service but they are the after effect.

Here’s why.

  1. Complacency:-

As businesses grow and create customer bases, repeat business and a pipeline of already satisfied enquiry, they can fall into the trap of becoming complacent. The deal has been done and as in the cases of cars, it will be another 3 – 5 years before that customer may consider a new car, so there is plenty of time to work on new customers or worry about sales figures.

The issue here is staff become complacent, almost entitled that the future transaction is guaranteed.

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