Why you need a Marketing & Sales Strategy

Most businesses will have a Business Plan in some form, providing a basic outline of the business and it’s objectives. Normally that’s where the business planning and strategy starts and ends. And that is a recipe for failure, harder work, wasted funds and not taking advantage of the many opportunities available for businesses. achievable goal.

So what is the difference.

marketing strategy involves how a company promotes and distributes the product, but the sales strategy includes how to get the particular customer to buy a product or service.

Business strategy is a high level plan to achieve business objectives.

Marketing strategy is how the marketing team recommends you will take the product/service to market. It defines target markets, general value proposition, positioning strategy, offering mix, collaterals and how to reach clients so they know about the company and the offering. Marketing communicates to your customer.

However, this is not enough for a sales operations to function at it’s optimal level. To achieve this, you require a Sales strategy.

A company’s Sales strategy is how the you are going to sell your product/service to to your customer.

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